Citizen Announcements

The Town of Rocky Mount is pleased to offer a Community Bulletin Board on Cable Channel 13 and a Community Calendar on the Town's website that is available for the posting of notices, events and activities which relate to public and community interest. The primary purpose of these resources is to inform the citizens of Rocky Mount about important information regarding the delivery of governmental services and Town-sponsored events.

In addition, announcements will also be considered for:

  • Non-profit organizations' events or fund-raising activities that relate to public/community interest
  • Local school information of public/community interest (including local colleges)
  • Church activities that are geared toward public/community-oriented events, excluding fund-raising events and events which highlight a specific church or religious group
  • Musical performances which showcase the Town's musical heritage

The Town of Rocky Mount reserves the right to accept or deny any request, or to modify any request as necessary for content or design. All requests must include the requester's name and phone number. Anonymous requests will not be accepted.

How to Submit an Announcement for the Channel 13 Community Bulletin Board

Requests for Channel 13 postings should be submitted in a digital format to the Deputy Clerk via email. Announcements should be one page in length, of landscape orientation, and in a .doc(x), .pdf, .pub or .ppt(x) format.

Paper announcements will also be accepted; however, as these notices require significant time to convert to a digital format, they will receive lesser priority than those received in digital format. Paper notices may be faxed to 540-483-8830 or otherwise delivered to 345 Donald Avenue, Rocky Mount, VA 24151.

The deadline for submission is Tuesday prior to the event. Channel 13 updates will be done on Wednesday of each week, unless affected by holiday scheduling, office closures, or vacation.

For more information call 540-483-7660.

How to Submit an Announcement for the Community Calendar

Requests for Community Calendar postings may be emailed, faxed, or otherwise delivered to the attention of Deputy Clerk Cherie Compton.

Website announcements should be no more than 5 lines in length. Email is preferred for copying and pasting purposes. Attachments supporting the event, such as applications, registration forms or event flyers may be included, time permitting.