Cleaning out a house, attic, basement or general clutter? The Town of Rocky Mount offers its residents the opportunity to adopt a dump truck for a minimal fee to help with debris removal.

Coordinate your request with the Finance Department by calling 540-483-5243. The rental fee is $30. The truck can be left overnight or over a weekend. Town crews will dispose of the debris at the Franklin County landfill.

The following rules apply:

  • Fee must be paid in advance.
  • Each residential parcel is allowed to use the truck up to four times per year.
  • Only household solid waste is allowed. No commercial or business use. Waste and debris generated by commercial activity on your property is not allowed.
  • Any contractor who performs work at your property must properly remove his/her own waste and not leave it for Town pickup.
  • Neither hazardous materials nor other debris not accepted at the landfill will be picked up. Examples of materials not allowed are gasoline, oil, batteries, paint, acid, construction materials or tires. Construction materials are not allowed because the landfill charges the Town for its disposal. Any construction materials in the truck will be a violation and a charge at the prevailing tipping fee for the number of tons disposed of will be assessed. This violation will also cause the resident to forfeit future use of the truck at any of his/her residential parcel(s). In the event that a tipping fee is encountered due to the violation of these rules, that fee will be added to the customer's utility bill.
  • Brush, leaves, and yard waste cut by you are allowed. If you hire someone to cut the brush, then they are responsible for its removal.
  • Truck will be delivered by 3:30 pm on the date reserved. The cab will be locked and keys removed. It will be picked up on the following workday.
  • The requesting individual is responsible for any damage done to the dump truck.
  • All items must be placed inside the truck bed by hand.

The Town reserves the right to refuse the use of a truck if the requesting individual has a history of violating these rules and if the Town believes that the request is to dispose of inappropriate materials.