The Finance Director serves as the chief financial officer of the Town of Rocky Mount. This position is responsible for maintaining accurate financial data in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals. The Finance Director also acts as the Town Treasurer. The responsibilities of the staff of the Finance Department include receiving all revenues, maintaining a chart of accounts and general ledger, maintenance and support of all Town financial and payroll software, properly coding all expenditures and revenues to the applicable account codes, processing payroll, human resource management, administration of employee benefits, risk management, procurement, accounts receivable, accounts payable, investments and cash management, coordinating an annual independent audit, maintaining an accountability of general fixed assets, and providing monthly financial reports to Town Council. 

The Finance Department includes the Director of Administrative Services, Human Resources Specialist, Finance Specialists, and Customer Service Specialist. The Director of Administrative Services and the Human Resources Specialist handle human resources management, fringe benefits administration, payroll, general liability insurance, and risk management. The Finance Specialists and Customer Service Specialist process accounts payable, accounts receivable, utility billing, and provide clerical support. 

The Town of Rocky Mount accepts Cash, Check, and Debit/Credit Cards for all Town services. Payments made with a debit/credit card will include a convenience fee of 3.95% of your total payment amount. (Minimum charge of $2.50)