What type of solid waste container should I use?

Beginning January 3, 2022, bagged solid waste will only be collected in Town-issued carts. These carts come in two different sizes, 65 and 95 gallons.

Trash Cart Metrics

There is a maximum of two carts for any property and a maximum of four carts for any commercial property. Only bagged solid waste generated at that property is to be placed in the cart. Cart lids will be color-coded as follows:

  • 65- and 95-gallon residential - Yellow
  • 65-gallon disabled/special service - Red
  • 96-gallon commercial - Blue

Customers are encouraged to choose the 95-gallon cart for their solid waste collection. The maximum solid waste weight limit is 100 pounds for the 95-gallon cart.

One additional cart may be issued for an additional monthly fee at a rate set by Town Council as well as a delivery fee. Carts are property of the Town, furnished as part of the monthly solid waste fee and should remain at the address when the customer moves.

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